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Shooting a Lookbook and how Important Preproduction is

A lot goes into shooting a lookbook. After all it’s the image of your collection and ¬†you need to rise above. It used to be that lookbooks were used to showcase your current collection to buyers from retailers but that’s changed, now lookbooks are used more to sell direct to the public through the designers website.

Your lookbook needs to stand out and that means it takes planning. Preproduction is just as important as the shoot itself. So what goes into preproduction? Well here are a few things:

  • model castings
  • mood boards
  • location scouting
  • deciding which pieces from your collection to shoot
  • continuity
  • a capable crew
  • a solid photo retoucher
  • a great graphic designer

When I’m hired to shoot a lookbook my fee includes assisting in all these aspects. I have relationships with all the major agencies and can setup castings. I can give input on locations and pull permits. I have great photo assistants and digital technicians and one of the best photo retouchers in the business.

I am based in Los Angeles but travel for lookbook shoots. Or, if you don’t need to be on set you can ship the wardrobe and we can shoot the lookbook here in LA. I’ve even had clients that monitor the shoot via skype.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions. I am more than happy to answer any of your questions.

fashion photographer Steve Fischer photographs Faith Schroeder in Flynn Skye
Flynn Skye
Alisa Michelle Jewelry lookbook photographed by Steve Fishcer
Alisa Michelle Jewelry
victoria and woods photographed by Steve Fischer
Victoria + Woods

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