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Miami Swimwear Photoshoot with Daniela From Ford Models

swimwear photographer Steve Fischer

I recently had a swimwear photoshoot in Miami with Daniela from Ford Models. As a Los Angeles based fashion photographer I shoot a lot of swimwear campaigns and swimwear editorials and LA has beautiful beach locations like Malibu and San Clemente, but Miami is a completely different type of environment. Miami has that beautiful white sand and beautiful clear blue and green warm water. It has a very Carribean feel to me.

Because of the vivid colors of the water and the ever changing light as clouds build out of nowhere i decided to primarily shoot on medium format film. I shot most of this shoot on medium format film shooting Fuji Pro 400H color film and Kodak T-Max 400 black and white film.

It was a nice to travel and shoot on location, i’ve only had the opportunity a few times since the beginning of the pandemic. and i really enjoyed Miami and plan on spending more time there, possibly even co-basing myself out of Miami as it’s so close to other amazing shoot locations like the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands.

Here are some of the images, i hope you enjoy them.

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Swimwear Model Daniela by Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer
Daniela From Ford Models Photographed by Steve Fischer
Swimwear Photographer Steve Fischer
Swimwear Photoshoot with Daniela from Ford Models shot by Steve Fischer
Shot of medium format film by Steve Fischer
Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer

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