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Fine Art Photo Prints

Limited Edition Fine Art Prints From a Miami Beach Series

available for purchase – signed and numbered

While in Miami not too long ago i did a fine art shoot with Ava and Abby, two models I really enjoyed shooting with.

We had already had a long day of shooting and while winding down having a drink on the sand in South Beach the sky turned crazy shades of blue because the leading edge of a tropical storm was starting to move through.

The very last of the sun was bouncing off the white hotel buildings and lighting up the blue water. I asked the girls if they were down for a couple last shots. They were all for it and an unplanned shot turned into my favorite photos from the trip.

I have already had one of these enlarged to 52 inches and framed and it’s just gorgeous. If you are interested in purchasing a limited edition, signed and numbered, fine art print of one of these images they will be available on the prints page of my website in a couple of days HERE

I hope you like them.

Ava and Abby. Fine Art Photography Print by Photographer Steve Fischer
Ava and Abby Fine Art Print. Shot in Miami Beach by Steve Fischer

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