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Beauty Photography

Beauty Editorial Shoot With Azlin Esqueda

By Los Angeles Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer

beauty model Azlin in a magazine editorial photographed by beauty photographer Steve Fischer of Los Angeles
By Beauty Photographer Steve Fischer Los Angeles

Beauty Editorial Photography is one of my favorite genres to shoot. Strong beauty photography is truly a total team effort. Every person on the crew is so important. The model, makeup artist, hair artist, manicurist, photo assistants, digital techs, and of course the photographer.

Beauty editorial photography is shot very close up so models that really take care of their skin is essential and the most important thing we photographer, along with the magazine editors, look for when casting a model. When shooting in the studio with modifiers like beauty dish’s that create flattering light on flawless skin they flip side is that they also highlight every small flaw.

This is from a shoot that will be published soon in a major foreign edition fashion magazine. the above image is one that is not being used in the magazine and it’s in black and white, the published images will be in color.

My next blog post is going to be about models and how they should prepare for shoots they are booked on and even for castings. I have really noticed over the last two years (which coincides with the “influencer” moment that is happening and certain to die down soon) that models just do not prepare for shoots, come groomed properly, many times with unfriendly attitudes, and simply not ready or qualified. Most of the time we notice this in the model casting and if models knew how many jobs they lose because of showing up and poorly presenting themselves, when if they would have just had their nails done or something similar, they were the first choice and would have booked the job, but instead it went to another model.

I do want to say that’s just a preview of the next blog post I’m writing and has nothing to do with the model pictured above.

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