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Same Los Angeles

Swimwear Photoshoot With Model Samara Martins of Industry Models

Makeup: Emily Perez. Photography: Steve Fischer

Same Los Angeles is a Swimwear company based here in LA, and I really love their collection. Not only the colors and simple designs but the cut of the bikinis is super flattering.

I shot with some pieces by Same Los Angeles with the amazing Samara Martins from Industry Models. Below are a few of the images. You can see more work on my website or my Instagram

Same Los Angeles Swimwear Photoshoot by Photographer Steve Fischer
Same Los Angeles (swimwear)
Same Los Angeles with Model Samara Martins by Photographer Steve Fischer
Samara Martins [Industry Models]
Samara Martins Black And White Swimsuit Photo by Steve Fischer
Samara Martins in Same Los Angeles by Steve Fischer
Same Los Angeles bikini
Photographer: Steve Fischer
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Grazia Magazine Beauty Editorial

I have a new beauty editorial out in the October issue of Grazia Serbie featuring model Azlin Esqueda of Industry Models.


Model: Azlin Esqueda. Agency: Industry Models Los Angeles.

Makeup: Iris Moreau. Hair: Laura Racza. Nails: Naoko Saita. Photo Assist: Gui Cha

Beauty Editorial for Grazia Magazine with Model Azlin Esqueda. Photography by Steve Fischer
Azlin by Steve Fischer
Beauty Editorial by Photographer Steve Fischer
Azlin of Industry Models by Steve Fischer
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Samara Martins in O’Neill Women’s Swimwear

Makeup: Emily Perez. Agency: Industry Models. Photographer: Steve Fischer

Recently I had a swimwear photoshoot featuring O’Neill Women’s one-piece swimwear with Brazillian stunner Samara Martins, formerly with IMG Models and now represented by Industry Models Los Angeles. Samara is a true definition of natural beauty and has shot major brands such as Victoria’s Secret.

Below are some images from shooting in Venice Beach with swimwear from O’Neill Women’s. The beautiful colors and lines of this one-piece really came to life against Samara’s beautiful skin tone.

You can find my portfolio on my website, more images from photoshoots on my Instagram, and get in touch with me through my contact page.

O'Neill Women's swimwear shoot with model Samara Martins by photographer Steve Fischer
Samara Martins by Steve Fischer. Swimsuit by: O’Neill Women’s
Samara Martins by Swimwear Photographer Steve Fischer
Samara Martins by Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer
O'Neill Women's Swimwear Photoshoot with Model Samara Martins by Photographer Steve Fischer
Samara Martins in O’Neill Women’s by Photographer Steve Fischer
Swimwear Photoshoot With Model Samara Martins by Photographer Steve Fischer
Samara Martins on Industry Models by Steve Fischer

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FAE Swimwear

Swimwear Editorial Photoshoot by Steve Fischer

Model Anja From Elite Models

As a Los Angeles based swimwear and fashion photographer I get to shoot with a lot of local Southern California swimwear designers. However, some of my personal favorite brands actually are Australian based companies. One of my personal favorites is FAE Swimwear.

During a recent editorial shoot in Malibu California with Anja from Elite Models, one of the swimsuits we used was a gorgeous white one-piece from FAE Swimwear. Below are a few photos from the shoot with Anja wearing FAE.

You can find more of my swimwear work on my website portfolio page or on my Instagram Please feel free to contact me with any photoshoot related questions through my contact page

FAE swimwear photographed by Los Angeles swimwear and fashion photographer Steve Fischer.
Anja From Elite Models in FAE Swim
Anja from Elite Models in FAE Swimwear by Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer
Anja by Photographer Steve Fischer
FAE Swimwear by photographer Steve Fischer with Model Anja, from Elite Models
By Swimwear Photographer Steve Fischer
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Beauty Photography

Beauty Editorial Shoot With Azlin Esqueda

By Los Angeles Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer

beauty model Azlin in a magazine editorial photographed by beauty photographer Steve Fischer of Los Angeles
By Beauty Photographer Steve Fischer Los Angeles

Beauty Editorial Photography is one of my favorite genres to shoot. Strong beauty photography is truly a total team effort. Every person on the crew is so important. The model, makeup artist, hair artist, manicurist, photo assistants, digital techs, and of course the photographer.

Beauty editorial photography is shot very close up so models that really take care of their skin is essential and the most important thing we photographer, along with the magazine editors, look for when casting a model. When shooting in the studio with modifiers like beauty dish’s that create flattering light on flawless skin they flip side is that they also highlight every small flaw.

This is from a shoot that will be published soon in a major foreign edition fashion magazine. the above image is one that is not being used in the magazine and it’s in black and white, the published images will be in color.

My next blog post is going to be about models and how they should prepare for shoots they are booked on and even for castings. I have really noticed over the last two years (which coincides with the “influencer” moment that is happening and certain to die down soon) that models just do not prepare for shoots, come groomed properly, many times with unfriendly attitudes, and simply not ready or qualified. Most of the time we notice this in the model casting and if models knew how many jobs they lose because of showing up and poorly presenting themselves, when if they would have just had their nails done or something similar, they were the first choice and would have booked the job, but instead it went to another model.

I do want to say that’s just a preview of the next blog post I’m writing and has nothing to do with the model pictured above.

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Swimwear Photoshoot

Anja From Elite Models LA Wearing Amuse Society Swimwear by Los Angeles Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer.

Swimsuit photoshoots are a large part of my business being a Los Angeles based fashion photographer. Los Angeles is home to many of the top US-based swimsuit designers.

Recently I had an editorial shoot with Anja from Elite Models LA. Anja is an amazing model from Slovakia. In the photos below Anja is wearing bikini bottoms from Amuse Society but we also shot looks with Australian label swimwear label FAE, and Southern California based Beach Riot swimwear.

We shot on location in Malibu, CA. More photos including looks with the other swimsuit designers we used for this editorial shoot will be released on my website or you can follow my Instagram.

~ Steve

Anja modeling Amuse Society swimwear photographed on location in Malibu CA by fashion photographer Steve Fischer
Anja From Elite Models in Amuse Society Swimwear by Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer
Swimwear photoshoot by Los Angeles fashion photographer Steve Fischer
Anja of Elite Models by Fashion Photographer Steve Fischer
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Givenchy Beauty Photoshoot

Sephora Stores Collaboration

Givenchy beauty photoshoot in collaboration with Sephora Beauty Stores. Photography by Steve Fischer
Givenchy Beauty Photoshoot for Sephora SLC

Last week I was the beauty photographer for a Givenchy Beauty collaboration with Sephora Beauty Stores. As a beauty photographer, it was a true honor to get a call from the creative team at LVMH which is the luxury brand conglomerate that owns Givenchy Beauty as well as Sephora Stores. LVMH also owns such iconic brands as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Marc Jacobs Beauty and dozens of other brands.

The level of professionalism from the creative team in the New York office was exactly on par with what you would expect from the biggest and best in the fashion and beauty business. And as a fashion and beauty photographer, you couldn’t ask for a better client to work for.

It truly was an honor to be hired by Givenchy and LVMH and I hope to have the pleasure to work for them again in the future.

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Women’s Ad Campaign

nearly goes horribly wrong

Last November I was hired as the fashion photographer to shoot a Women’s fashion campaign for a retail store on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice, CA.

The month leading up to the shoot we spent a lot of time on model castings, mood boards, brand development, mood boards and all the other important elements that go into creating a successful campaign.

But it doesn’t always go as planned. We had a crew of about 25 with production RVs and multiple production vehicles. Four models onset, a prop car and tons of gear. The location was in the very west part of Malibu. Not long after we started shooting we noticed a small brush fire up on the mountain across PCH from us. We were not concerned because we were on the beach. But, about 1pm the winds started blowing around 40mph and the first really started spreading.

Because of the size of our production, our permit mandated that we have police officers on set as monitors. They told us that the Rangers were evacuating the campgrounds in the area but they would allow us to keep shooting for the meantime since we had police escorts. Not much later we were surrounded by fire and the police said it was time to pack up as fast as possible and we had to get out of the area.

Looking out over the ocean to the right (West) the skies were nearly dark with crazy pink and yellow colors, like nothing i had seen before. Looking to the left towards Santa Monica it was pure daylight (as you can see from the behind the scenes picture of me). I asked the models for one last shot just to run into the ocean and do what came naturally. Skinnydip, have a water fight, or whatever came natural, but there was no time to set up lights or bounce boards we were just going right now. Those are the shots attached.

That fire ended up being the Woolsey Fire that devastated Malibu (where I lived for 10 years) burning down hundreds of homes and displacing thousands of residents.

You can visit my website here and/or my Instagram here

Models running into the ocean in Malibu while being photographed for a fashion ad campaign.
Models Morgann Chelf and Baskin Champion

fashion models in the water splashing water on each other in a candid final shot.
A Unplanned Final Shot To the Fashion Campaign
Photographer Steve Fischer chases the models into the ocean trying to capture the shot for the fashion campaign.
Photographer Steve Fischer Chasing Chasing The Models Into The Water

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Solid & Striped Swimwear with Kaitlyn From NEXT Models

I recently had a swimwear photo shoot with Kaitlyn from NEXT Models Los Angeles. We shot swimwear from the well know swim design label Solid & Striped. We styled the shoot with high waisted bikini bottoms and one-piece swimsuits. The makeup artist was Laura Racza. Here are a few images from the shoot. Photography by fashion photographer Steve Fischer visit my website here

kaitlyn from NEXT Models in Solid & Striped Swimwear high waisted bikini bottoms.
Solid & Striped High Waisted Bikini Bottoms
Solid & Striped Swimwear by Los Angeles fashion photographer Steve Fischer
Solid & Striped Swimwear. Photography by Steve Fischer
Swimwear shoot with Kaitlyn from NEXT Models by fashion photographer Steve Fischer
One piece swimsuit, photography by Steve Fischer
Kaitlyn from NEXT Models in A Solid & Striped One-Piece Swimsuit by Photographer Steve Fischer
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Social Media Influencers For Fashion Branding

Is social media influencer marketing a “sure thing” for fashion brands?

There is no doubting that, at least currently, social media influencer marketing is the go-to trend for building brand awareness and increasing sales in the fashion and beauty business.

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In the end, the only metric that really matters is your return on investment from every social media influencer marketing dollar spent. This leads right into one of the major issues with influencer marketing: how much does influencer marketing cost? As a fashion photographer, virtually all my clients have discussed influencer marketing with me and asked my opinions on the subject and whether it’s money well spent. My opinion is yes, influencer marketing can work, however, I only think about 15% of influencer marketing actually works.

social medial influencer campaign by fashion photographer steve fischer
Mantraband Social Media Campaign by Steve Fischer

Who is considered an influencer?

Here is the biggest problem, how do you define an “influencer”? Often it’s assumed that the larger the follower base the influencer has the better. The problem with this approach is that instagram is filled with automation tools “bots” that play the follow/unfollow game or so-called influencers simply purchase their followers.

Because of this monstrous problem on instagram some believe that “engagement”, that is the measure of a influencers followers interacting with a post (e.g leaving a comment, liking, or direct messaging). But this may not be a true measurement because it’s just as easy to buy fake engagement as it is to buy fake followers.

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In the end sales directly attributable to a social media influencer is the only metric that matters and is truly accurate. I am not marketing any type of service here but I strongly suggest running an “audit”  before you use any influencer. These services are available for a low price and can give you insight into whether an influencer has paid for followers, likes, comments, uses follow/unfollow etc.


How to hire fashion influencers

Some brands use agencies to connect with influencers and others go directly to the influencer. We live in a digital age where many influencers are considered models and models considered influencers. Many traditional model agencies have added “influencers” to their boards or rosters of talent they represent. There are also agencies that only represent influencers.

My personal opinion, speaking as a fashion photographer, is that brands are best served using true models that became influencers because of their modeling career. When shooting a social media photography campaign you are going to get many more usable images and setups by using a professional model that knows how to work a set works and knows his/her angles in relation to the camera and lighting situation. Working with influencers that are not trained in front of the camera or how to work with art direction etc. can slow things down and mean fewer images in the end.

If you are a fashion brand and have any questions regarding social media influencer marketing feel free to contact me here


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